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BREAKING: Gov. Uzodimma Dissolves His SAs, SSAs

BREAKING: Gov. Uzodimma Dissolves His SAs, SSAs

The governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma has dissolved all the Special Advisers (SAs) and Senior Special Assistant (SSAs) in his cabinet.

The news was made public by the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Prints, Modestus Nwamkpa through social media.

“This afternoon, Governor Hope Uzodimma in a manner depicting him as a purposeful leader who is determined to give the state the best governance dissolved all his Special Advisers (SAs) and )Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) in a meeting at the Exco Chambers, Government House Owerri. Quickly, let me say that every leader or Governor at one time or the other takes a critical look at the entire system by way of stock taking and reorganize the structural Architecture of his government for a better service delivery. And this is exactly where the Governor’s action today is situated.

“The Governor, in the meeting appreciated his former Aides and notified them of his intention to rejig his government for optimum performance in his quest to transform the state and put it on the wheal of progress. The Governor, as a good leader did not leave anybody in doubt as to his sincerity and interest in giving the state his very best in spite of the distractions here and there. In the coming days and weeks, he will be coming out better and stronger and Imo people will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

“In the first place, it must be noted that the dissolution of  appointees  by any Governor or President is usually a routine thing. It is gratifying however that the Governor exercised  that prerogative  today. He did it in a manner that shows he understands his destination and very forward looking. He exhibited all the trappings of a caring father  and understandable Governor. He left nobody in doubt that he is committed to the development of Imo state and needs the best partners to continue to  deliver good and transformative governance for Imo people.

“The appreciation that followed after the dissolution today were in two folds and emotionally  laden. While the Governor thanked his  former Aides for their service to the state, the former Aides themselves appreciated the Governor immensely for finding them worthy to serve under the Shared Prosperity government and re-intireted their resolve to sink and float with Governor Uzodimma. They described Governor Uzodimma and rightly too  as a unique leader moulded in a very humane, strong, compassionate  and sincere garb and I agree with them intoto.

“It must be noted that nobody paid one kobo to be appointed by  Governor Uzodimma, a sign that he is very upright in his dealings. Nobody can claim to have also spent money to lobby before he or she was appointed. Senator Uzodimma is above board in his actions and decisions as Governor.  

“Ofcourse, this is a clear departure from  the past where leaders collect money or enter into one form of agreement or the other with people before they influence their appointments. Some had to pay those leaders monthly for facilitating their appointments.  Again, in the past, a sitting Governor always seek for the  approval of one big leader before anybody will be appointed in his area. They will ask: Can he be loyal? So those who do not have anybody to speak for them are usually not given any appointment in government. This is one narrative that Governor Uzodimma came and changed for good and that has given him out as an upright man.

“However, in the case of Governor Uzodimma, it is not the situation. He looks at you and appoints you on merit not minding your background or contact. He is indeed a very exemplary leader and I have continued to  insist on this. Governor Uzodimma is my ideal leader. He is one man I have decided to follow. He is a leader that has won my trust and followership. He has actually won my love.

“So I think today’s dissolution is a good omen for   better things to come to Imo state. It is actually to rejig the system for better service delivery,” he stated.


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