Clarification: Removal Of Visa Reciprocity Fees Does Not Imply Nonpayment Of Visa Fees – Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Ministry, Nigeria on Visa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has clarified that removal of visa reciprocity fees does not imply that Nigerians applying for United States visa would not pay visa fees.

This was contained in a press release from Ministry Foreign Affairs and signed by its spokesperson, Ferdinand Nwonye on Sunday, 6 December 2020.

“In essence, the United States Government had increased its visa fees for Nigerians from $160 to roughly $270 to match what the Nigerian Government charged Americans for visas. The Nigerian Government then brought its fees down to $160 and the American Government has now reciprocated by bringing its fees to the same levelof $160,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified.

Foreign Affairs


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