Thursday, May 26, 2022
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CNN Must Apologize – BMO

CNN Must Apologize – BMO
CNN Must Apologize – BMO
BMO: An organization made up of group of Nigerians who believe and support the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, and ┬ápromote his good works, and change agenda in Nigeria, known as ┬áBuhari Media Organization has issued a statement, acknowledging CNN’s clarification on its earlier misleading and false tweet, and insisting CNN must apologize.
“We recognize and appreciate CNN’s attempt to clarify its earlier misleading, false and provocative tweet. That however is not sufficient. The media organization has erred and ought to apologize and retract the offending tweet completely.
“It has misled millions, desecrated the image of the Nigerian Army and the country in general. A late night tweet that pretends to provide clarification does not do justice to the damage it has already perpetrated. CNN must do the needful and apologize.
“To also be clear, an apology from CNN will not undo the damage and the wrong it has done to the Nigerian state and its people. But it will be its first steps to regaining its lost honor and integrity.”


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