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#EndSARS: Gov. Obaseki boosts Police morale

#EndSARS: Gov. Obaseki boosts Police morale
Gov. Obaseki boosts Police morale, assures rebuilding of destroyed stations, payment of officers’ hospital bills, others.
Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki Police has assured their love, support and appreciation to hardworking Policemen who stake their lives for the security of lives and properties in Edo State.
Governor Obaseki expressed himself during an interactive session with DPOs, Area Commanders, and other senior Police officers. He also thanked them for the restoration of peace and order in Edo State.


While addressing Policemen, Gov. Obaseki stated, “I know the sacrifices many of you pay. I wonder sometimes when you have time for your families, because you are always in stations. Sometimes 48hrs stretch ! You work under very difficult circumstances. So, anyone who says you are not patriotic is not being fair.”

 ” Many of you are putting your best under very difficult circumstances, and we appreciate. I am sure Nigerians appreciate.”

“The fact that few abuse the office, abuse the uniform, many who are not properly trained and many who are not even qualified and the Nigerian system brought them in,  and they succeeded in tarnishing the brand and name of Police, does not make all our officers inept, incompetent, inhuman. No, it does not.”

“I am here to assure you that we Nigerians still believe in you. Nobody is perfect. No institution is perfect. We need to change many things. We need to reform many things.”

“I am looking forward to your contributions and suggestions in the panel we constituted, because you have something to say too. There is more work to do.”

“I want to assure you that the government of Edo State supports the Police. We appreciate those of you who have been working hard and putting your lives. We cannot pay you enough.”

“What happened last weeks should serve as a lesson to us. that it’s no longer business as usual. That we must do more, and most importantly, we must work together to build trust.”

“The young men and women must trust that you will be there for them. You will protect them. The Police Code does not tolerate most of the atrocities most of you committed. You know it. So, you should be the first to say what they did is wrong, but that is not to say the whole Police is bad, and should be condemned. No !”

Governor Obaseki also assured rebuilding of destroyed Police stations, payment of officers’ hospital bills, others


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