Tuesday, August 9, 2022



By Emeka Ozo Umeh

It is no longer news that a huge tragedy had befallen the country yesterday and for the first time in Nigeria, I saw many of us aggrieved and mourning. It was indeed a bleak and gloomy moment where even the sun appeared to have sought for a place to hide and share in our sorrow as a nation. While I was brooding over the ugly situation, I saw a man I have not seen for many years. He looked frail and shorter than he used be  some years back. Perhaps, age has caught up with him on the wrong side of fifty…We had exchanged greetings and when I was about leaving and extended my hand for a parting handshake, he had reluctantly extended his too, but with a wan smile softening his hard and gloomy mien just a little…

” Barrister”, he began in a tone that belied his visage. “Please when you see Kuraun, ( referring to DR. JEFFERY) tell him that I support him with all my heart. May God help us all”. I was slightly taken aback for a while as I wondered what had brought about “Kuraun” in our  brief encounter. His parting shot was not only disjointed but also out of sync with proper mental balance. No, Orwam was not mad. I believe that when he saw me he had quickly associated me with KURAUNISM and began a solo conversation in his mind, which he only concluded when he extended his hand. This means that even when we exchanged pleasantries, he was still engrossed in that monologue. Some people are like that and it doesn’t mean they are mad. Call it eccentricity or anything else but not madness…

It was not for too long before it dawned on me that people are watching and following us as we daily posit on various fora the advantages inherent in KURAUNISM, and the need for us to continue to be steadfast and be good ambassadors of a political brand that has come to stay has suddenly become a huge concern… The average Benue man prefers to watch, analyse  and then commit himself to any cause he is convinced about. It is good to noise about our activities but while we are at it as KURAUNISTS, let us ensure that what we preach is not different from what we do. If the man I prefer to call Orwam could be this engaged in his thoughts during our brief encounter, with his little education, what about the thousands out there whose postulations on our activities would definitely be much deeper and piercing in analysis?

For instance, a classmate of mine from the Zone C axis asked me why DR. JEFFERY is coming out when their people from that zone has been agitating for an opportunity for someone from that zone to become governor a long time now. When I told him that many of the vibrant  young men and women who constitute DR. JEFFERY’s think -tank are from Zone C, he was shocked. I had gone ahead to also tell him that it is within the disposition of DR. JEFFERY to support anyone from Zone C where the party decrees otherwise. The next thing he said touched me.  ” If he has this type of mindset, he has my support already!”.

I have had encounters upon encounters with people who have one good  thing or another   to say about him. And it is because of the way he has been interacting with people all his life. It is left for the rest of us to maintain our uniform disposition and comportment and continue our awareness programme regarding his gubernatorial project in 2023. KURAUNISM is a political brand that has kept on gathering momentum fright from day one , and it is largely because of our  deep and collective understanding of the goals we intend to achieve as a group, which is the realization of a new Benue where potentials are quickly harnessed and results assured. As we continue in this trajectory, let us always remember that we have pioneered a new thing in the political horizon of the state, and indeed Nigeria, which is the emphasis on issues-based politics like never before.

KURAUNISM therefore remains a political brand for now and the future and above all, youth- friendly… If you are a youth from Benue and still needs a Daniel to interpret the political “Mene Mene Tekel ” of Benue as it is today and in the near future, surf the internet or social media for an unforgettable encounter with the following people; Sesugh Braithwaite Dishix Vhim, Comr Nyamnyoho Albert , Eskee Terna Sam-Kange , Sunday Enemaku, and several others out there propagating the good tidings of the latest political brand and movement in Benue. Become a KURAUNIST TODAY and join the rest to make history.


Emeka Ozo Umeh is a Lawyer, Jurist, Writer, Historian, Political Consultant and Human Resources Trainer and Developer.


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