By Emeka Ozo Umeh

The collective history of Benue State is a chequered one, filled with tales of bravery, betrayals and abandonment. It is the story of a people who gave their support to a global cause when it was required by the colonial masters. The WW2 felt the bravery of the Benue man and his exploits in that global conflict would have been confined to the archives of the unread but for the publication that showcased the sterling leadership attributes that were effectively put into use by Major Addingi of blessed memory. The narrative is a classic in itself and gives the reader a graphic understanding of the Benue man and his worth not just in Nigeria but in the world.  Unfortunately, many a Benue man don’t appreciate this…

It is a hackneyed fact that the Nigerian Civil War wouldn’t have been a complete success for the Federal Army without the wholesome involvement of the Benue man who fought tenaciously to keep Nigeria one. After the national crisis, what has really been done to appreciate the Benue man for his sacrifices? Now, don’t get us wrong. All we are saying is that the Benue man has been struggling over the years to discharge the burden of greatness foisted on him by his Creator and it is not a palatal experience when one works and is not rewarded, not at home, not anywhere. That is why in the pursuit of the development of Benue State, KURAUNISM becomes a veritable tool for the harmonization of these harrowing experiences and turning them into stepping stones for greater exploits.

KURAUNISM therefore intends to harness these  very powerful leaders traits of the Benue man found in Major Addingi and his tribesmen by the colonial masters to proper use and expression. The tenacity of purpose found in the average Benue man would become a plus when properly harnessed by the man of the moment! DR. JEFFERY KURAUN. The ability to be a good team player which the Benue man displayed during the WW2 and the Nigerian Civil War should also be tapped to create the much needed atmosphere for the even development of all sectors.

The average Benue man is a study in patience and optimism, especially with the conflict and killing of farmers by violent herdsmen believed to come from outside the shores of Nigeria.
One would naturally expect that having contributed so much for peace to reign in the world during the WW2 and the Nigerian War, the Benue man of today would have been ensconced in the pleasant cushions of peaceful co-existence with neighbours and sojourners, and getting appreciated in return.
Instead, the contrary has prevailed for a while now. The task of discharging the burden of greatness is not a simple feat and it is usually orchestrated from above through the provision of the right leadership.


The emergence of DR. JEFFERY KURAUN as a gubernatorial aspirant with a comprehensive compass to navigate the state back to the original destination is not a happenstance. It is a deliberate move emanating from the  divine abode of God Almighty who has heard the cry of His people, just as He heard  that of the Israelites, a people who were the first to show how to bear the burden of greatness and discharge it over time . Benue has had her Joseph, Moses and now a David saunters to the fore and ready to take on the Philistines with their reductionist agenda by deploying an unusual style that doesn’t appeal to the people with a negative plan for the State.

David’s five stones are naturally found in the tenets of KURAUNISM, and where they are dexterously employed, development would become a byword in the state. Join forces today with the rest of the KURAUNISTS and see the Benue of your dream emerge from a shadowy past, filled with thorns and spikes, and opposing everything ease….


Emeka Ozo Umeh is a Lawyer, Jurist Historian and Political Philosopher.

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