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By Emeka Ozo Umeh

It is believed by many that wisdom is profitable because it gives direction. In Biblical parlance, ” wisdom is profitable to direct”. But that is only possible where one has accumulated useful and relevant knowledge and has equally mastered how to apply it in his/her daily activities in the market place of life. In other words, where knowledge exists and the ability to apply it is lacking, wisdom would naturally take a flight. It is, therefore, not enough to acquire knowledge. Understanding how to apply it is key and that is where wisdom surfaces. In exploring the tenets of KURAUNISM, one encounters a situation where knowledge cries to be applied dexterously in order to produce the expected results. The Benue Valley can be likened to a Silicone Valley, filled with resource persons from all walks of life, with many of them from the “youth constituency.”

It is common place today to see very young men and women with doctoral degrees fanning out in all directions, and attempting to chart a new course for their dear state. Benue has done well in educating her people but that is not enough. Exposing the educated lot to vocational education is also a very good strategy but again, it doesn’t end there! There is an evil the man of wisdom in the Holy Bible identified in one of his musing sessions, and he could not keep it to himself. Solomon the son of David  lamented when he saw men who ought to be riding on horses walking, while the servants that should be walking , riding on horses… He identified it as an evil under the sun and expected that something should be done about it just as DR. JEFFERY KURAUN desires to do something about the plight of the youth in Benue…

That is the situation we have found ourselves today in Nigeria and Benue, and in KURAUNISM, there is a remedy for this great evil under the sun. What exactly am I talking about? The premise of this write -up is capable of eliciting very wrong understandings and reactions but it is actually deliberate. When considered from an individualistic perspective, the sense in the nonsense would slowly glide to the fore to be better appreciated. For an individual or corporate entity to experience a new lease of life, or better still, development, there must be a deliberate psychological surgery through a veritable platform otherwise called a re- orientation or de-programming of the mind. We have a situation in Benue and other states, where the productive citizens comprises more of the youth but in reality their productive capacity is nothing to write home about.

The culprit behind this scourge is the assigning of false identities on them against their will through the conspiracy of several factors that bother on the psychological and socio-cultural milieu they have found themselves in. These exposures have a way of distorting one’s identity or natural traits and thus reducing his impact in the society. Tim LaHaye,  the Christian Psychologist wrote copiously on the four major temperaments of man and how to tailor them for greater productivity. He did not , however, identify the negative temperaments that were lurking beneath the four basic temperaments of the Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. These negative temperaments that were never mentioned are afflicting individuals, nations and states today. It is a terrible thing when seen among the youth, and since KURAUNISM is also a rehabilitative ideology for the total well being of the Benue man, it is therefore, not out of place to tackle headlong this menace noticed mostly among the youths and even aging adults today…

As the leaders we are looking at today, the total health of the youth, considered from the perspectives of the physical, mental, psychological, spiritual and otherwise are very important to DR JEFFREY KURAUN. Recall that one of the areas THE JEFFREY KURAUN FOUNDATION focusses on is health. We shall, therefore, identify these negative temperaments that have become a scourge on the  modern day youth and improvise ways of dealing with them so that we can get the best from our youths who are eminently educated and ready to give their best where they are properly retrained and exposed to their original and new identities. There are in reality three main negative temperaments that have ravaged the minds of men unnoticed and have equally preyed on the youth the more over the years.

These three basic negative identities or temperaments are the BORE, the SNORE and  the GORE. They are actually self explanatory and can easily be identified by the discerning ones in any society. These negative temperaments have produced a lot of sociopaths in the society hence the tense situation that does not support some developmental activities therein.
Who then is a Bore? A Bore could be a youth or aging adult of any gender, who is laden with a lot of talents and even well educated but over the years,  has roamed about , trying to convince the world that he/she has capacity to deliver but all that he/she gets in return are boring stares from the people that should have recognized his/her potentials and engaged him/her. There are factors that could lead to the creation of this false identity and we shall examine them in part 2 .


A Snore is actually a graduation from the first  sociopathic stage of Bore. Having tried his best in seeking to be a responsible person in the society, to no avail. He/ She resorts to ‘sleeping away’ his life by indulging in getaway drugs like heavy binging on alcohol and trying out pervasive sexual experiences , which further takes him/her away from his/ her real self and help in disguising his/ her real identity as a one-time time ambitious youth that was properly brought up, well educated and poised to deliver until his/her encounter with the negative identity of the SNORE. The next one in the hierarchy of negative temperaments is the GORE. This is a very dangerous stage and a graduation from the SNORE. This is more like a rude awakening where the SNORE suddenly wakes up to his/her ugly reality and decides to get back at the society at all cost.

The GORE stage leads to all forms of vices usually attractive to a person with an already twisted personality. It is with this negative temperament that prostitution , cultism, armed robbery, cybercrime, thuggery and the rest of them in the Pandora box become expressive outlets to vent his/her anger or revenge on an “unjust” society. We shall consider the causes – remote and direct- of these negative temperaments and proffer solutions to them in  part 2 of this write-up. KURAUNISM is not just a political ideology, it is a healing balm to the people of Benue state and it is highly therapeutic. As a Benue youth, you do yourself a lot of disservice if you are yet to catch the vision. Become a KURAUNIST TODAY and shed off that false identity foisted on you by circumstances beyond your control.

Emeka Ozo Umeh is a Lawyer, Jurist, Writer, Historian, Political Philosopher and Leadership Consultant.


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