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By Emeka Ozo Umeh

What are the causes of these deviations from normal behavioural patterns and how can they be handled? We have pointed out  earlier that KURAUNISM, using the platform of the JEFFREY KURAUN FOUNDATION among other things, focuses on health too and their outreaches are not limited to physical health alone. Just like the W.H.O’ definition of health, the foundation believes that the total well being of man is tantamount to good health. Anything short of that would affect society stability and economic growth.

Where there is a reasonable percentage of youths hooked on hard  drugs, it would only be a matter of time before the society would experience dysfunctional features that are totally against stability of any kind. Again, what are the factors that could lead to the emergence of the three negative temperaments or false identities earlier described.? Why do we have young and aging adults with false identities and creating repressive ripples in the pool of society? How far can we go as a nation when a vast majority of our youths and adults are not who they are and have been living a lie all the while? As psychological as these questions might be, they require answers if we must be at our productive best. The human resources personnel may not have achieved much if they hire anyone without having at least a fleeting idea of his real identity by applying the BSG test on them.

The military and paramilitary agencies are filled with people with dysfunctional character traits because the recruiting methods or procedures are faulty and smacks of best practices. KURAUNISM espouses and emphasizes details for results and this in line with one of its tenets,  which is , doing things differently… A square peg that looks like a round peg will not produce the right result when what one needs is a round peg in a round hole. As simple as it sounds, that has been our major challenge in governance. When one engages very educated and highly exposed youths and aging adults in very sensitive assignments only to discover that they are operating under various psychological pseudonyms, it becomes very worrisome. It is the reason why a GORE contractor would collect money to construct a very important road and absconds with it  It is important to note that the GORES are usually very visible in political leadership because it provides them with a veritable turf to get back at the society.

There are several factors that could lead to the emergence of distorted personalities and they are divided into  5 major parts, to wit;

1) Negative spiritual exposure.
2) Negative socio-cultural exposure.
3) Domestic violence and sexual abuse .
4) Dysfunctional societal influence.
5) Perennial exposure to bad governance and nihilist political experience.


1) Negative spiritual exposures are common these days and they gained an inroad into the lives of the average Nigerian family in the 90s when an economic recession visited the country. In a bid to escape the degrading situation on the ground, many people embraced syncretic practices and were exposed to different spiritual interactions with mischievous and wicked spirits or djins and thereby exposing themselves to covenants that  later affected their offsprings in a negative way. As abstract as this may sound, many young adults of today who have no business with stagnation and the flaunting of false Identities are stuck with them today. It is said that exposing a spiritual like deflates its strength by 50%, I would want to embellish it by saying that it gives it an upper cut.

2) There are some socio-cultural exposures that automatically give their victims new identities that are false, and they struggle to live with them all their lives. This is not fair and must be stopped. Cases like female genital mutilation and the temporary stitching of the female genitalia , all for the wrong reasons, have led to an upsurge in prostitution in some areas. Encouraging the young female folks to indulge in sexual escapades for as long as they are single and then telling them to be faithful to their husbands to avoid the wrath of a local deity that enforces fidelity in marriage, is completely out of sync with morality. That is one of the ways a young and ambitious lady could be afflicted with a false identity. With this socio-cultural influence, one could easily become a BORE, SNORE or even a GORE after several years of living in frustration.

3) Domestic violence and sexual abuse
This is a common route to acquiring a false identity but over the years nothing much has been done in terms of curtailing the scourge. A young man or woman from a dysfunctional home would crave for another type of family outside his dysfunctional home and cultic families on campus and even in the larger society becomes attractive to him. Introduction to hard drugs through gateway drugs like alcohol of different types becomes would gradually foist on him another negative identity, depending on his original natural drive. For instance, a Choleric person could easily become a GORE without passing through the first two negative temperaments of BORE and SNORE. With a padded negative temperament , society is not better off and economic activities would never be stable.


For the youth to take over the helm of affairs in government today, they should look out for their best while others equally gifted and exposed to good education should submit themselves to counseling through free seminars deliberately programmed to release them from the menace of false Identities or negative temperaments. This is not a tall dream and it does not in any way judge anyone with a false identity. As a matter of fact, false Identities are in different measures. A person could be operating at a very high frequency of any of the three negative temperaments while another could be experiencing occasional flashings or relapses of any of them. This is because the society we all come out from has been infested with an enabling environment for the breeding of these abnormal behavioural patterns for a long time. The earlier we nip them in the bud the better for everyone.

Become a KURAUNIST TODAY and learn more about how to be a healthy youth, wired for productivity and the development of Benue state. Physical health is good but it is the mind and brain that play the very sensitive roles that separate or distinguishes one society from another, or one state from another. Benue state is poised to become that state with DR. JEFFERY KURAUN preaching  sound health for all for greater productivity. We shall continue this series tomorrow and perhaps, conclude it.

Emeka Ozo Umeh is a Lawyer, Jurist, Writer, Historian, Political Philosopher and Leadership Consultant.


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