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By Emeka Ozo Umeh

Democracy is a very beautiful form of popular participation in government, which has experienced modifications over the years. The key feature in democracy has always been choices. The people are always delighted when it’s time for them to make a choice. In very informed polities, they take time to scrutinize who gets elected into any position. They would insist on some people getting elected into particular positions and reject others deemed not qualified for same. They had seen what monarchy did to them and were no longer available as guinea pigs to be used in political leadership experiments.. They had also experienced the aberrations of forceful take overs and realized that dictators are worse than monarchs even though they are all maximum rulers.

It would be an error to strike a comparison between the raw monarchies of the past in Africa and the tempered monarchies of today in most parts of Africa, stripped of their powers and made to align with the will of the government of the day. Even where they are not rotational in some few cases, they are still considered as tempered because they derive the little influence they have today from the whims and caprices of the man democratically elected into a political office. Practically, the existence of democracy sounded the death knell for some monarchies in most parts of Africa. But most times, we delude ourselves with the existence of the foremost monarchy in the world that has thrived under several democratic regimes without its influence or authority whittled down in any form and attempt very weak comparisons with it. The truth is that the monarchy of Europe is actually derived from one very powerful family that has distributed her members  all over the continent, with the House of Windsor as the doyen of them all…

There is a mystery and history behind the House of  Windsor formerly known and called Saxe- Coburg- Gotha. This monarchy has survived over the years and it is simply because of its connection to very powerful institutions connected to them, especially in Europe and some countries in the Western hemisphere. They determine to a great extent what happens in the various sectors of the economy without being visible in the United Kingdom. They have also managed to influence policies within the British Commonwealth, a neo- colonial contraption that has enabled the monarchy to influence all sort  of events raging from the mundane to the very important ones in former British colonies. Very strong monarchies don’t easily lose their grips on their subjects.

An African monarchy that has remained with its powers intact appears to be the that of eSwatini, formerly known and called Swaziland. The monarch, during their 50th Independence anniversary, changed his country’s name single handedly. Imagine a leader with such enormous powers just like a dictator’s. Idi Amin, as a dictator, once attempted a name change for his country Uganda to Idi, but for the quick wit of one of his lieutenants, Isaac Maliyamungu , who told him that if Uganda is changed to the Republic of Idi, just as Idi Amin was proposing, then the citizens of Idi  would  be called “Idiots” just as the people  from Cyprus are called Cypriots! So much for dictators ruling nations based on mundane considerations and worthless conclusions.

Democracy therefore remains the only form of government that courts genuine and popular participation in government, where the people are allowed to make wrong or right choices and live with it for as long as the tenure of the persons elected lasts. That is not the case with monarchies with full powers invested in the monarchs and the members of their family. It is therefore a very pathetic situation where the people are allowed to make their choices in a democracy only for them to be swayed by inconsequential reasons and end up like people in a monarchy or dictatorship, without a say on how they should be governed. The beauty of democracy is often desecrated by the same people who ought to utilize the opportunity to make their lives better.

Today in Benue state, we have the opportunity to elect a unique person to the position of governor 2023. It is a lifetime opportunity that must not be trifled with. It is an event that would throw up the power of choices again. And for the first time, Benue shall witness the emergence of technocrat with a science background, naturally addicted to empirical evidences and forensic application of methods to solve the problems of governance. Perhaps, this is the first time the good people of Benue would be faced with the choice of a Geologist and Petroleum Engineer, ready to create agro hubs in the state and at the same time compulsorily court diversification into ventures  that would lead to the commercial exploration of  the abundant mineral resources in the state and automatically create more jobs for the teeming population of youths! You can now understand why the choice of a DR. JEFFERY KURAUN is unique  and Harleyian in comparison.

Let’s not throw this opportunity away because it may take a very long time to present itself again. God Almighty has enabled us to escape from the hands  monarchs and benign gerontocrats or leadership by elders ( for those who had no monarchical heritage)  in the past and has ushered us into a system that gives us the privilege to select and elect our choices into political leadership positions. He has equally delivered us from the hands of coup plotters and we cannot on our own allow ourselves to fall into the hands of benign dictators thrown up by our wrong choices in a democracy. Align with the man that has humbly promised to take government back to the people, with the full trappings of the original Grecian model in place. DR. JEFFERY KURAUN has elected to serve and not to be served. Choose wisely and decisively…

You can begin by becoming a KURAUNIST TODAY and join the people who are determined to make their votes count in 2023.


Emeka Ozo Umeh is a Lawyer, Jurist, Writer, Historian, Leadership Consultant and Human Resources Trainer and Developer.


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