By Emeka Ozo Ume

All over the world, there are people whose political leadership careers were drastically compelled by very dire situations in their countries. Many of them were rebels , as it were but there were still others who emerged without necessarily adorned with the offensive apparels of a rebel. Put differently, they were benign rebels with a cause and appeared in peace times with very peaceful dispositions. Beneath their gentle mien were hidden a ready made and highly corrosive agenda against the ugly situations that threw them up. They  emerged on the scene when all hope was lost, with the people earnestly expecting the divine intervention of the Supreme Ruler of the universe – God Almighty. And God has never failed to give any nation or state situational leaders often armed with a divine mandate to rescue the people from their present predicaments. The situation in most parts of the world today has led to the emergence of several situational leaders who are coincidentally under 60, and serving the people with their youthful fervour and undiluted zeal.

Situational leaders usually come with an  interventionist agenda to stabilize the polity and enable economic recoveries and growth.
They are not always from the common pool where the conventional leaders are usually picked from. Their emergence have always been as a result of the will of God, the power brokers and the people, who often see the need to do things differently in order to salvage whatever was remaining of the commonwealth of the people at all times… It is not usually a decision taken out of crass or mundane  considerations by the people involved. And with God Almighty orchestrating the entire process, dissenting voices end up as cheerleaders and expressing their confidence in the decision of the distinct and divine “electoral college” comprising of God Almighty, the power brokers and the people. One can never ask for anything more than this very peculiar ” electoral college” . The best ever in the circumstance…


As it is today, the situation in Benue requires a situational leader approved by all the stakeholders described above,  to rescue her  from the grips of her enemies, within and without, and restore the peace that has eluded the people for a long time now. It is often said that when a man adopts the same approach to solving a persistent perennial situation and achieves no result after several trials, it would be unwise to continue using that method. There is , therefore, a need to try something new and out of the box. Most times, reasoning out of the box connects the thinker to the frequency of the universe,  where he effortlessly taps wisdom from the echoes emanating from the heavenly corridors of God, carrying divine solutions to many of  life’s challenges…

Situational leadership even in business management,  has rescued a lot of ventures from folding up. It is more like the last card in a game of poker where one of the players surprises the other fellow with an ace that settles it all. Situational leaders are thrown up by the very situations they have come to work on and restore stability and growth. KURAUNISM as a political ideology serves the dual purpose of providing situational solutions to the problems on ground and at the same time providing the needed leverage for the sustenance of whatever progress that would be made in the process. It is an ideology that has come to rescue and restore. It is laden with a double mandate to the advantage of the people.

It is,  therefore, not out of place that DR. JEFFERY KURAUN, emerged from the solution sector of technocrats who are often well equipped to serve and deliver, compared to the regular politicians who are only interested in sharing the dividends, if any , among the various blocs in the polity. This is no time for the immediate sharing of booties, ( whatever that means). This is a time of rebuilding and restoring the broken cisterns for the greeneries to flourish again and provide the enabling environment and succour for growth and development. The involvement of everyone is very important and no segment of the society is less useful here. It is a collective venture that would profit everyone at the end. The elderly are very much needed to provide potent and relevant remedies to tackle situations that appear circular and requiring experience and of course the ingenuity of the youths to put an end to them.

Lastly, situational leaders are not restricted by party affiliations and they are always ready to reach out to any citizen of their country, and in this case, state,  endowed with the right expertise to solve an immediate or perennial challenge in the system. Such leaders are usually and hastily  accused of anti- party activities only for the rabid accusers to realize after a while that the leader has almost reduced the country or state to a one party affair, where the people invited from the other parties to solve problems often remain in the ruling party , having been shown so much respect and given a lifetime privilege to fulfill their purpose on earth by applying their giftings or peculiar endowments to solve problems.  Never be quick to judge a situational leader because his mandate is divine and geared towards the restoration of stability and growth, with peace as the icing on the cake.

In situational leadership, party lines are often blurred and citizens look up to one another to restore everything that was lost in the past. The Clarion call is out and everyone is needed to queue behind this illustrious son of Benue, thrown up by the situation on the ground, with an interventionist agenda, to rescue Benue from the cesspit of economic degradation,  political chicanery and unnecessary bickering among  the political class. Remember it is still BENUE FIRST before everything else. Become a KURAUNIST TODAY and join forces with the rest of the people to encourage this situational leader, DR JEFFREY KURAUN, with a dual mandate; God’s and the people’s, and rescue Benue NOW!


Emeka Ozo Umeh is a Lawyer, Jurist, Writer, Historian, Political Philosopher and Leadership Consultant.


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