Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Match results

Match results
  1. Liverpool 1 — 4 Man City
  2. Tottenham 2 — 0 West Brom
  3. Sheffield United 1 — 2 Chelsea
  4. Betis 2 — 3 Barcelona
  5. Milan 4 — 0 Crotone
  6. Lazio 1 — 0 Cagliari
  7. Marseille 0 — 2 PSG
  8. Wolves 0 — 0 Leicester
    Kudos to Manchester City for their great performance against Liverpool. City turned the Anfield fortress to a dungeon. What is really going on, Liverpool has now lost 3 matches in a row at Anfield; this time, destroyed by City? However, we must say: City gave us the challenge and commitment needed by a Champion. At this point, we doubt if they will fumble. Gundogan scored a brace, Sterling and Foden scored one each. Mo Salah scored for Liverpool, seeming to be on a personal hunt, but the team isn’t behind him. Even most trusted Alisson has soon become Karius with 2 massive mistakes leading to goal.


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