Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Match results

Match results
  1. Aston Villa 1 — 0 Arsenal
  2. Man United 3 — 3 Everton
  3. Huesca 1 — 2 Real Madrid
  4. Juventus 2 — 0 Roma
  5. Freiburg 2 — 1 Dortmund

    All week, Man United fans have deemed every other match boring because we don’t get up to 9 goals. And, we won’t lie, at 2-0 in favour of Man United, we thought we could witness some 9-0, in terms of an emphatic scoreline. But… it wasn’t going to happen, Everton rose from death and showed Man United what fighting spirit is. Cavani, Bruno and McTominay scored for Man United. Calvert Lewin scored the last-minute equalizer for Everton, James Rodriguez and Doucoure scored the other two.

    Where art thou the Gunners? Back to back loses isn’t what we expected after a couple of good runs. The point is, where is Arsenal headed? Watkins scored for Aston Villa just two minutes into the game and that was how it ended. So sad to have guns without bullets, run around for 90 minutes without cheer.

    Yeah, Varane might have learned from Jordi Alba. It is safe to say Huesca 1 – 2 Varane. He represented Real Madrid on a day they need him most with two goals to turn the game around. Kudos and remember he is a defender.

    Juventus — Roma
    Oh Cristiano Ronaldo, happy birthday indeed! That was mad enough. We know we can’t have you for 20 more years as you said but these memories will remain forever. This season, Juventus has won more matches from Cristiano Ronaldo’s brilliance. The pressure is now on AC Milan, let’s see how they play today. The second goal was an own goal from Ibanez.


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