Nigeria Is Safe

Mfon Offiong

Take a random sample of 1,000 Nigerians (including yourself but excluding people from Borno, the epicenter of BH) and ask them if their own village is safe.  99% of them will say their village is safe. There is no reported case of supply chain disruption in Nigeria. Traders, distributors, sales managers, Jumia, Konga etc are successfully moving different kinds of goods from one part of the country to the other safely. Transport companies and self employed transporters are making thousands of intra-state and inter-state trips carrying millions of people daily across the length and breadth of the country with no random incidence.


I am currently in the South East/ South South and they are very safe and peaceful. I was in Abia, Imo and now Akwa Ibom where I also visited my village. I hope to be in Anambra this week before I leave. All around me is peace and tranquility. People are going about their daily activities freely and happily.


Back to Oyo state, if there is crises is Shasha, it doesn’t even mean there is crisis in the whole of Oyo state. There are many Hausa settlements possibly in the same local government and definitely in Oyo state where there are no crisis.


Stop creating the impression that all Hausa settlements in Oyo state or the south west are endangered. They are not. What we have are localized isolated flash points security agencies can deal with.


Insecurity in a certain village, in a certain ward, in a certain local government does not translate to insecurity in Nigeria. We have 774 local government with over 8,800 wards. If you know how big a ward is, communal clashes hardly consume a ward because its usually between one village or community and another.


There is currently no insecurity in Nigeria as being portrayed. What’s going on is media hype because we now have about 1,000 private radio stations (with poorly remunerated and uninformed staffs anchoring opinion shows) trying to outdo one another with sensationalism including thousands of blogs competing for clicks. We are just blowing things out of proportion.


Local leaders and the state government can address the crisis in the locality where it is happening. The Federal government will support them if its beyond them. Unfortunately, our media doesn’t know the difference between local news and national news. The way they are going, a misunderstanding in a village or even families will soon become national news.


It is also noteworthy that bandits operates territorially. Let security agencies and local hunters in the territory work together to flush them out in the part of the local governments where they are.


There are no bandits in the South East and South South. They are only reported to operate in isolated areas in some local governments in Kaduna, Katsina, Niger and Zamfara. We should stop all these panicky and illogical conclusions about Nigeria being unsafe but rather task security agencies to do their work where there are issues. Don’t also forget they need resources to be effective.


Therefore, when contributions to Police Equipment Funds kicks in, masters in tax evasion in Nigeria will do well to repent and ensure that they pay the 0.5% of their profit into the fund for training and equipment for personnel of the Nigerian police.


Have a great week ahead.

Mfon Offiong, A Management Consultant, writes from Abuja.

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