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By I Stand with Andy Uba Support Group.

I have just gone through the write up of one Paschal Candy Oh! Sorry Paschal Candle on the above subject matter. I wouldn’t  have wasted my precious time this morning to write this rejoinder to the piece of a hired Political sycophant. But, for contradictions which was the hallmark of the article.

Meanwhile, it is important to first and foremost, expose the deceitful and crafty tactics of Mr. Paschal Candle in his writing. An unsuspecting mind will see this paid jobber called Paschal Candle as one with genuine concern about our great party the APC in the South East, using the just concluded Aba North/Aba South Bye-Election as a case study. However, a careful critic will expose the underlying hidden agenda that he(Paschal), set out to achieve for his paid master.

This is evidenced in contradictions that abound in his effort to de-market a more tested aspirant for the impending gubernatorial election in Anambra State. No wonder, going through the Paschal Candle’s deceitful article, it becomes glaring that the popularity of this particular APC Governorship aspirant he was hired to de-market is giving his hirers sleepless night.

Moreover, let me deal with the issues raised by Mr. Paschal Candle and thereafter lay bare his subtle tendencies to deceive the general public and misleading the National Leadership of APC into believing concocted account.

Mr. Paschal Candle claimed that APC lost Aba North/Aba South Bye-Election because  APC adopted Direct primary mode in the selection of the candidate for the Bye-Election.

Yet, he started by asking “Why is APC in South East always on the losing? That is to say that Aba North/Aba South Bye-Election lost by APC is not entirely because of the mode of Primary adopted (a mode that Paschal’s paid masters are terribly afraid of, because of their unpopularity and disconnect to the party at the grassroots). Alternatively, Paschal Candle is telling the World that the problem of APC in the south East is Direct primary mode. Then I challenge him to tell me any place in the entire South East (including Anambra State), that Direct primary was used by APC in 2014? And tell me how many seats that APC won in 2015 general elections to establish that Direct primaries actually cost APC the Abia State Bye-Election last weekend, as such, should not be contemplated in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra State.

I as well, want to challenge Paschal again to tell us the mode of primaries that APC used in selecting her governorship candidate in Imo State in 2019, Imo West Senatorial candidate, Abia North Senatorial candidate, Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency of Abia State, and the last Imo North Senatorial District Bye-Election. And inform us the results of those elections. This will effectively nail the lies of Paschal Candle that Direct primaries cost APC the last weekend Bye-Election and should be discarded in Anambra State.

However, Paschal Candle and his sponsors should tell us if, it is that aspirant that they are in  dread of, that forced APC National Leadership to adopt Direct primaries since 2018.

Another contradiction of Mr. Candle include but not limited to;
His claim that a particular APC Governorship aspirant whom he told us is unpopular is going round Abuja to adopt Direct primary mode for APC primaries in Anambra State.
My question to Paschal Candle is, between Direct and Indirect mode of party primaries, which one suppose to really show to popularity of an aspirant? Indirect mode where few party officers as delegates are involved or Direct primary mode where all card carrying members of the party are involved?


Judging from the foregoing, it is clear that Paschal Candle is a voice speaking for some moneybags who are unpopular with APC in the grassroots. Paschal Candle is the apostle of those who want to use money to buy few delegates involved in indirect Primary, get the party ticket, impose an audio candidate on the party and field an unpopular candidate for the Nov 6 General election. For if indeed this aspirant Paschal Candle was hired to de-market is unpopular, he should be the one advocating for indirect Primary in Anambra State not the other way around.

Again , how do you compare a tested aspirant who has won elections to the 2 most important and coveted political offices in Anambra and won to people who have never contested a councillorship election in our dear state.

On the unwarranted attacks on Barrister Bisi Idaomi by Paschal Candle. One thing is clear. The pay master(s), of Paschal Candle have found out that Barr. Bisi Idaomi is an unwilling partner to do their evil bid overtime. And they now resort to puerile allegations against her person. Otherwise, one should ask, is this same Barr. Bisi Idaomi the very person that conducted the primary elections in Enugu and Ebonyi State in 2019 General elections, that apart from Hon. Comrade Chinedu Nweke Ogah OON (Ikwo/Ezza South Federal Constituency). APC couldn’t win any?


Did she from the top of her head gave out the 2018 primary election tickets to strangers without the then party state Chairman and key party leaders not convincing her under duress that Anambra state APC agreed on a total consensus all over. Did the said state leadership not convince the National leadership where one of today’s Governorship aspirant was an NWC member? Why did he not fault the committee then of conducting the ” THE WORST PRIMARIES EVER” using Candles words?

Was she also the reason, the people our state  leaders gave tickets to never won a single seat ?
Is the latest crusader Candle not aware that PMB returned all Sitting APC senators all over Nigeria as sole candidates in that 2018 primaries making allegations against her in Anambra south Senatorial primaries in 2018 puerile and infantile ?


Thanks be to God, that our party National Leadership in Abuja, took a wise decision to change Barr. Bisi Idaomi from the position of Secretary APC Revalidation registration exercise in Anambra State. Else Paschal Candle and his hirers would have find a reason to cry more wolves in the forthcoming gubernatorial Primary of APC in the State.

I’m sure, that Kwara State is not the only State where there were some issues. At least, I am aware that the exercise was suspended in Delta State because of some infractions. Maybe, Mr. Candle should help us to know if Barr. Bisi Idaomi was also in-charge of Delta State.

It is interesting to state thus, Direct primaries are actually more potent way to identify which aspirant is truly sellable and popular than Indirect mode. Therefore, those who are afraid of Direct primaries are unsellable and aspirants who are alien to party members at the grassroots.

To this end, I call on the National  Chairman of APC National Caretaker/ Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee(CECPC), who is also the Executive Governor of Yobe State. His Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni to disregard all the antics of the likes of Paschal Candle and ensure that APC choose a popular, sellable, experience, competent and a real grassrooter as our Governorship Candidate in Anambra State. APC can not afford to gamble again in Anambra State by succumbing to the blackmails of moneybags who are Political rookies. APC must learn from her painful experience in 2017. In the State.

This is the time for Anambra APC to come together and plan how we can win the Governorship election with an aspirant who has the reach and means. This is the time not to use misinformation and fake news to destroy the primaries coming up in June .

Candle and other young men and women should concentrate on selling any aspirant they prefer without insulting another aspirant as we will after the primaries queue behind the winner to deliver him .
Do not be childish or hungry enough to abuse other leaders for a pot of porridge that may not last a week .
Anambra is bigger than anyone.


Long live APC
Long live the Federal REPUBLIC of Nigeria


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