Having followed developments as they unfold, regarding the preparations for the APC Primary to choose her candidate for the coming governorship election in Anambra State this year. The first sets of reactions within me when I saw the hatchet job of yet another hired Political slave of political sell outs within the APC family, were smiles, a bit of anger(I will explain the reason for the anger later), and then joy.

SMILES: Because it is another desperate efforts of those who have seen the end of their reign of deceit, betrayals and hypocrisy in APC. Anambra State Chapter staring at their faces.

This time around these fake individuals and pretenders parading as APC gubernatorial aspirants laboured to drag  Anambra APC Patriots into the irredeemable sinking Political ship via this worthless write up of their hirer Uche Nwobi.
 But, one fact still remains, That is to say  that they are one and the same Political traders and APC betrayals, I have talked about in the last few months in most of my articles on APC in Anambra State, Sen. Andy Uba’s governorship ambition and APC winning Anambra State election this year
Uche Nwobi is just a forerunner of the hypocrites parading as APC aspirants in Anambra State.


A BIT OF ANGER: Because these are the same group of people who together with their Political godfathers, had sold APC in Anambra State in the previous governorship elections in 2013 and 2017. These are they who derives joy in seeing Ndi-Anambra suffering under APGA led Government as long as the State Government is making their bank accounts grow fatter.

THEN OF JOY: Because my experience over the years in the Political Nigerian terrain has taught me that, once a particular aspirant or a candidate(of a political party) to an election becomes an object of relentless but, unwarranted  attacks by his opponents. Then, it is a confirmation that such an aspirant/a candidate is a real quality material and the best for the election.

Back to the main issue written about by the glorified puerile Uche Nwobi to draw attention to his unsalvageable paymasters.

My first set of questions to this hired Political sycophant of disgruntled Political merchants are;

i. Why the unnecessary ranting about Sen. Andy Uba staying away from the debate?
ii. Why all these fidgeting about?
iii. If, the whole shout by Uche Nwobi is not a further attempt to denigrate and paint Sen.Andy Nnamdi Uba(whose rising popularity and wider acceptance by Ndi-Anambra across all the 21 LGAs are growing on daily basis), in a bad light. Why raising unnecessary alarm of alleged plan not to participate in the said presidential interactive session by Sen. Andy Uba?
iv. When did Uche Nwobi or his Public reject paymasters become Sen. Andy Uba media Office?
v. Assuming that he(Sen. Andy), is actually going to shun the debate as insinuated by the naive Uche Nwobi. Wouldn’t that be of a great advantage for his hirers to seize the occasion and shine?


Hahahaha! Give an exceptional dullard ( a.k.a Isi kokonut in Igbo or Orodo in Yoruba) extra 3 hours to write examination that took others an hour. He or she will still fail. This is the typical case of Uche Nwobi’s sponsors.

The fact still remains, that the paymasters of these kindergarten writer called Uche Nwobi are terribly fidgeting about this Uga born Politician.


Common sense, teaches us that if the fellow who is your main challenger in your desire to take first position in your class examination, falls sick on the day of the examination and could not come to school. Hmmmm! You will be happy. But here, the same faceless individuals  claiming that Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Andy Uba is an alien to the grassroots and that his only hope of getting APC ticket depends on his Abuja connection, are here crying that the same Uba has decided to leave Abuja for them and has been really busy meeting the grassroots in Anambra State.

Interestingly, instead of hearing pathetic stories of stones, sachet water, etc, being thrown on Sen. Andy Uba and his campaign team by Ndi-Anambra at the grassroots to establish their rejection of him as asserted by the paymasters of Uche Nwobi. Sen.Uba and his team are actually being faced with the challenges of controlling the stream of enthusiastic APC faithfuls who troop out to affirm their solidarity and endorsement of his governorship ambition.

From Awka South, to Oyi, Anyamelum to Onitsha North and South. From Nnewi to Orumba, Aguata to  Idemiri the stories are the same.

According to Kingsley Chinwuba, in his rejoinder to this trash of a brain malfunction victim called Uche Nwobi.

“That if Sen. Andy Uba MFR (Igwebuike Anambra), is currently touring all the 21 LGAs in Anambra State to meet with the grassroots to seek their support in actualizing his Political dream of liberating Anambra State from the chains of infrastructural decay, deteriorating security, dilapidated academic/Healthcare system, etc. How do that amount to showing disloyalty by Sen. Andy Uba to APC that warrant the call for his disqualification”?

My answer is simple. These pretenders calling themselves APC guber aspirants are now deeply confused and terribly frustrated that despite all their shenanigans directed at demarketing Andy Uba, their efforts have failed woefully.

Meanwhile, let’s make the following clarifications.

>Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Andy Uba MFR (Igwebuike Anambra), has perfect respect on the Anambra APC Patriots. And cannot be disrespectful to such highly regarded personalities.

>That Sen. Andy Uba MFR, will participate in the Presidential interactive session.

>That Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Andy Uba MFR( Ugomba n’ Aguata), is not afraid of debates. How can a reputable two-term distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who sponsored many bill and motions and took part in both Committee and General House debates of the 7th and 8th NASS, be afraid of debates?


Finally, assuming (even), there is an organized debate for APC Governorship aspirants in Anambra State, and Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Andy Uba MFR, for whatever reason decides not to participate. I ask Uche Nwobi and his pitiable sponsors. Which paragraph, Article or section of the APC Constitution (as amended), has Sen. Uba violated, that would warrant a call for his disqualification from the contest?

Well, as I stated earlier at the beginning of this write up. I am getting  excited the more. Because the desperation of his traducers are eloquent testimony of his acceptability, capacity and popularity across the length and width of Anambra State and beyond.
It goes to establish that why pretenders parading as aspirants are the real enemies of APC in Anambra State over the years, Sen. Andy Uba, is the true symbol of hope of the party in winning the Anambra election this year.


Therefore, as the 26th June, 2021,  APC Governorship Primary draws closer we expect to see more of this advertisement of insanity from those who have now realized that with “Igwebuike” In the race, their business as usual in APC  Anambra State has flopped completely.


Nevertheless, I call on APC in Anambra State and the entire Ndi-Anambra to watch enemies of good conscience closely and carefully.



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