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Home Opinion Rejoinder: Allegation Of Sabotage Against Dr. Chris Ngige By One Faceless NDIDI IKE OBI, A Lie From The Pit Of Hell

Rejoinder: Allegation Of Sabotage Against Dr. Chris Ngige By One Faceless NDIDI IKE OBI, A Lie From The Pit Of Hell

Rejoinder: Allegation Of Sabotage Against Dr. Chris Ngige By One Faceless NDIDI IKE OBI, A Lie From The Pit Of Hell

By Onyekachi Adaoba Okafor

As a responsible, well groomed and focused person I  ought to have completely ignored the poorly constructed write-up with the above title, by one Jideofor Ejimofor. Nevertheless, I am  compelled to write this rejoinder because the said write-up is saturated with lies and falsehood to divert the attention of the good people Anambra State from the game plan of perennial traitor.

First and foremost, I  wish to state categorically clear it is those who are pushing unsellable aspirants within the APC family in Anambra State, that are fidgeting and crying wolf about DIRECT PRIMARY. A mode of political party primary where all the card carrying members of the said Political party will be allowed to cast their votes for their preferred aspirant.

How else can you explain this insulting write up by a Zonal publicity of the APC ?

Again, like the hired Political sycophant from Imo State called Paschal Candle. Jideofor Ejimofor (who despite his name which suggest confidence in sincerity), is another messenger of the arch-enemies of APC in Anambra State.

However, if, Jideofor Ejimofor and his paymasters are sincere with themselves, what is the nexus between the ongoing APC membership revalidation/ registration exercise and APC Governorship Primary in Anambra State?

Why are Jideofor Ejimofor, Paschal Candle and their hirers still shivering about the mode of party primaries to be adopted in Anambra State by APC in electing her Guber candidate for the November 6th, 2021. Election?

Interestingly, Jideofor Ejimofor in his epistle of deceit, claimed that they successfully halted the hijacking of the APC membership revalidation/ registration exercise by those he claimed are enemies of APC in Anambra State.

Then I  ask Jideofor Ejimofor, Paschal Candle and their sponsors why the wailing about mode of APC primary in Anambra State since you are now perfectly in-charge of the Revalidation/ registration exercise? Why dragging the name of an innocent woman into your SABOTAGE of APC in Anambra State since 2013?

Is this innocent woman also against Ngige or is she aware of his threats in running APC aground in our dear State?

Talking about Sabotage in APC Anambra State. Who paraded himself as APC leader in Anambra State in 2013 and 2017 governorship elections and what were the fate of the party on those two elections?

Was this same innocent woman part of the then debacle?

I  want Jideofor Ejimofor and his co-travelers to bear in mind, that Ndi-Anambra are not unmindful of those who want to be the only cock crowing in APC Anambra State. Anambraians are no longer unaware of those who have vowed not to live and see any other individual in APC in Anambra State being address as APC leader other than themselves.

These  who had betrayed APC in the previous governorship elections in Anambra State. And they are not ready to repent. Hence, the current evil machinations to ensure a political neophyte emerges as APC gubernatorial candidate. That way, they will go to do business as usual with APGA and PDP and APC will come out of the poll disgracefully. While they rush to Abuja to parade as APC leader in the State.

Meanwhile, these King Herods who don’t want to hear about the birth of a Jesus, in Anambra State have their colleagues in other South East States such as; Ebonyi, Enugu and Abia State. Their job is to sabotage APC in their respective States during Elections(especially governorship).

Finally, I wish to note with serious concerns, the volume of falsehood, lies and desperation that will be seen in the coming weeks following the charge by Jideofor Ejimofor to his follow media urchins to up their games in the spreading and defense of concocted articles to effective destabilization of APC in Anambra State.

We therefore, urge the National Leadership of our great party the APC. To be extremely watchful to checkmate the wicked plans of these endemic enemies of APC success in Anambra State.

We the genuine APC members ( Also media gurus) will push back if you continue  to unleash lies to the innocent public.



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