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Sen. Andy Uba

By Comrade Robinson I. Nwachukwu.

From the time of creation to this present time, those with exceptional depositions from God, are always the envy of nonentities.

The gift (sacrifice),of Abel to God Almighty, attracted the wrath of his evil minded elder brother. Instead of, appreciating him he murdered his own brother. REASON: Envy and Jealousy.

Joseph the eleventh son of Jacob (Israel), became a marked enemy to his older siblings. His only sin was his dreams that revealed, he was destined for the top.

King Saul lost the rare privilege of retaining the kingship of Israel in his linage, partly because he became envious of the dexterity of the young David in Warfare and handling of musical instruments.

What about the conspirators against prophet Daniel? The unique gifts(interpretation of dreams, wisdom and prayer), in Daniel brought their fury to bear against him. Hence, the plot that set him up.

“….and of this Daniel, an excellent spirit was found in him…”

What about Haman and Mordecai in the administration of the Medo-Passian King Ahasuerus?
Despite being the 2nd in Commander. Haman because of his inferiority inborn deposits, envied a common gatekeeper-Mordecai, but, with a divine gift of exceptional mentorship that brought an orphan and a war captive Hadassah(i.e Esther), from orphanage to Queenship.
All these examples are just to establish the truism of the core objective of this piece.
Today, in Anambra State, there are myriad of governorship aspirants. From APC, APGA, PDP, YPP and in many other briefcase political parties.

In APC alone, there are almost 10 aspirants jostling for the party’s ticket for Anambra guber election coming up towards the end of the year. 6th November, to be precise.

Moreover, not minding such crowd of political marauders. One man stands out from the multitude. He is of the All Progressives Congress(APC). He is a former Senior Aide(on Domestic Affairs), to former President of Nigeria. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.
A Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for 8 consecutive years. He is presently, a leading governorship aspirant. He is a gentleman to a fault, an astute administrator, a quintessential leader and a pragmatic manager of men and resources. He is a beacon of intellectualism and integrity personified.
He is the Joseph and David of the late Pa Philip Uba family in Uga Aguata Local Government Area.
He is a man of unquestionable humility. His name is Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Andy Uba MFR (Igwebuike Anambra).

The Political ingenuity, experience, capacity, moral probity and his clean slate in public engagement (despite having been opportuned to be at the corridor of power for quite awhile), has made him a full time enemy to all manners of scorpions, serpents, rodents, etc.

The sagacious and incomparable qualities found in Sen. Andy Uba is already making many dupers, fraudsters and whited tombs parading as politicians, activists, etc, to be struggling with escalating insanity. The recent among such enemies of decency masquerading as human right crusaders, is Chidi Odinkalu.

This character has been urinating uncontrollably on Twitter and other media outlets labouring to denigrate the personality of Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Andy Uba MFR. Hahahahahaha!!!

But knowing that, like the conspirators of Prophet Daniel, he can not pin down any thing worth disparaging the undented character of Andy. Then, uselessly he resorted to calling Sen. Andy Uba a bandit. What a puerile international beggar parading as an activist?

What else could make Chidi Odinkalu to stoop so low in such a disgraceful way to malign a man who had been privileged to handle power in various capacities. Yet, has no dirty past to hide from the Nation’s anti-graft agencies like many friends of Odinkalu. Except the share of the loots that might have found it’s way into his bank accounts from a Looter angling to add the treasury of Anambra State to his loots?

Well! Chidi Odinkalu should be told that if, he feels that he actually worth a price tag of a bunch of crabs at Afor Amanaku. He should come out and contest the Councillorship position of his Ward. I’m ready to plead with His Excellency the incoming Governor of Anambra State (by the special grace of God). Distinguished Senator Andy Uba MFR, to help him to purchase nomination form.

Finally, I challenge the Imo State born extortioner, as a journalist and a writer he claims, to do away with his current petty politics and tell the World that dent in the Political life of the APC most popular governorship aspirant(Sen. Andy Uba). Otherwise, I will take him as just being envious and jealous of the Political sagacity and administrative acumen of Sen. Andy Nnamdi Uba MFR (Igwebuike Anambra).

Meanwhile, as Joseph’s brothers could not STOP his dreams from coming to pass. And Saul could not hide the manifestation of King David. The likes of Chidi Odinkalu and his paymasters will suffer humiliations.

Just as the conspirators against prophet Daniel and Haman paid with their lives in place of Daniel and Mordecai. Those hired against the victory of Sen. Andy Nnamdi Uba MFR, will carry loads of shame and disgrace.

As Tricycle can’t challenge a Venzer on the road, Political rookies, merchants and looters can’t be a match to Sen. Andy Uba.



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