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Home Opinion Suspension Of ACB Agbazuere As  Chief of Staff: Odumeje Needs Agbazuere More Than Gov. Ikpeazu Needs Him – By Ferdinand Ekeoma

Suspension Of ACB Agbazuere As  Chief of Staff: Odumeje Needs Agbazuere More Than Gov. Ikpeazu Needs Him – By Ferdinand Ekeoma

Suspension Of ACB Agbazuere As  Chief of Staff: Odumeje Needs Agbazuere More Than Gov. Ikpeazu Needs Him – By Ferdinand Ekeoma
OPINION: Suspension Of ACB Agbazuere As  Chief of Staff: Odumeje Needs Agbazuere More Than Gov. Ikpeazu Needs Him.
Odumeje and Agbazuere
By. Ferdinand Ekeoma 


I was already putting up a piece I  captioned ” Has Abia Become the Undisputed Headquarters of Iberiberism” when i got the news that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has suspended his controversial Chief of Staff, Chief ACB Agbazuere.


There may have been other criteria for  the appointment of people like Agbazuere into the present government, but I sincerely doubt if character and competence were part of such criteria, because the man and his likes have done more harm to Gov. Ikpeazu than anyone could have imagined.


There’s nothing to suggest that the suspended Chief of Staff ever understood the demands of his office, hence he saw it as a powerful platform to intimidate and oppress every voice of dissent, while glaringly usurping the positions of other appointees he consider a threat.


The invasion of a radio station to arrest a journalist, Obinna Don Norman while he was on a live interview, the violent arrest and incarceration of Barr. Empero Gabriel Ogbonna and subsequent invasion of a high court premises and later Afara prisons to re-arrest him after being granted bail by a competent court of law, and above all, the insane and highly irresponsible petition he used governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s letterhead to write to the Police Service Commission against Dr. Alex Otti are still very fresh in the minds of Abians. One of his claims in the said letter was that Otti was the sponsor of IPOB. Otti’s crime was that he had the courage to call the then Commissioner of Police on phone and advised him to desist from being used to arrest and incarcerate innocent Abians illegally.


The aforementioned cases are some of the numerous indelible atrocious accomplishments of the suspended Chief of Staff.


While governor Ikpeazu battled for his life outside  the state amid tension, fear and uncertainty in the state after being hit by Coronavirus, his Chief of Staff threw decorum to the dogs and carried himself with provocative swag that questioned the regard he had for the life of the man that appointed him, while giving the questionable impression that the office of the Deputy governor was nonexistent, and the office of the Chief Press Secretary, inconsequential.


At a point I started pitying governor Ikpeazu, and wondered what could have made him to allow such characters subject him to avoidable public ridicule through their inglorious actions.


Because governor Ikpeazu has acted smartly, honourably and very decisively this time around, it would be unfair to go on with any opinion piece or official  press release that would be critical of the governor on this subject matter, except to demand that he completes the “cleanup exercise” by sacking Agbazuere permanently.


Dr. Ikpeazu is a governor and political leader in his own right, and political leaders are at all times expected to take impactful and decisive actions that would uphold  the institutions of governance without the inhibition of destructive sentiments and fake emotions from hypocritical supporters and allies, thus his action against his unfit Chief of Staff is both wise and timely.


I have always maintained that there are some competent, sincere and  passionate appointees in the Okezie Ikpeazu led government who would want the governor to succeed, but i doubt if such persons had been allowed to inspire him  to success, rather it appears that the notorious characters in the government have always been the ones wielding negative influence on the governor and his government.


With this decision that got him a  statewide support and commendation, governor Ikpeazu has given himself a lifeline, so let’s hope he upholds the tempo and begin to consistently do what is right for the betterment of Abia no matter whose ox is gored.


As for Indaboski Bahose, De Liquid Metal of the Lion Family, he has done no wrong as far this issue is concerned. He’s an innocent Religious- Commedian/ Celebrity  who gives people like me so much joy and excitement through his shows; I do not consider him, and may never consider him a pastor. He is a Comedian that was merely invited by the wrong host to the wrong place, so the only appeal I would like to make to the Liquid Metal is  for him to find a befitting position for Agbazuere in the Lion family because the man appears to possess the talents to work with Indaboski in entertaining Nigerians than to work with Ikpeazu in developing Abia.
Agbazuere and Odumeje


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