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The Bauchi Example We Must Learn.

The Bauchi Example We Must Learn.

By Ferdinand Ekeoma

Yesterday, the former president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was in Bauchi on the invitation of the Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammed to commission a road project executed by the Bauchi state government and named after President Jonathan.

What caught my attention while watching the commissioning was the openness of the government in disclosing to the public the length of the project and its cost.

According to the governor, the road named Goodluck Jonathan Drive is a 6.2 Kilometre road, built at the cost of 2.2 Billion naira; that’s about 350 Million naira per Kilometre.

This is what we have always demanded from our leaders in Abia, unfortunately such demands are usually met with vicious attack and condemnation.

I remember when we made such demand about Faulks road, and we were thoroughly lambasted, but after dodging the question for a long time, our Kinetic government landed with their answer.  According to them, the 4.6 Kilometre Faulks road was built at the cost of 6.8 Billion naira.

When we screamed, amid sorrow, wondering how a Kilometre road could be built at over 1.3 Billion naira, they made an addendum and  told us that the cost covered an erosion control job done at Ifeobara. Unfortunately, Ifeobara has proven to be a poorly done job, with endless flooding that poses threat to life and property.

Well, let’s follow the government and agree that half snuff is better than none, while praying that the Bauchi example of frugality and openness be an inspiration to us going forward.


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