Top match today

  1. Man City – West Ham 1.30pm
  2. Sevilla – Barcelona 4.15pm
  3. Verona – Juventus 8.45pm
  4. Bayern – Koln 3.30pm
  5. Dortmund – Bielefeld 3.30pm
  6. Dijon – PSG 5.00pm
  7. Bologna – Lazio 6.00pm

    All eyes on Man City wondering, Guardiola has owned it that they’ve bought the title: always having the money to reinforce where needed. He went on to say that one can win the title once with average players, but needs great players to win more than once. So, he accepts his fortune, and he can only enjoy it now. Things will continue to go well in his favor. Sorry haters, we warned that this will happen. When we said it, people hated us for it. Let’s see if West Ham will pose a threat at least.

    This will be though as Sevilla wants what Barcelona has. We are sure Sevilla loved being third till Barcelona won their outstanding. Therefore, it will be a pretty contested fixture and maybe Copa Del Rey revenge in the mix. Let’s see how it goes. Let’s see if Messi turns up again. He’s the highest goalscorer in the top 5 Leagues in 2021.

    For Juve, they know they’re running out of matches. They want the title still, and they can only win matches. Let’s see if they win today, against a Verona that can be stubborn. Let’s see if Ronaldo continues to score. This is his chance to be highest goalscorer in Italy. Let’s see.

    It’s not been a smooth run for Bayern and Dortmund in the Bundesliga, but when it came to the Champions League, they bit like mad dogs. Let’s see how they play today.


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