Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Top Matches Today

Top Matches Today
  1. Chelsea – Man United 5.30pm
  2. Leicester – Arsenal 1.00pm
  3. Tottenham – Burnley 3.00pm
  4. Sheff United – Liverpool 8.15pm
  5. Inter – Genoa 3.00pm
  6. Roma – Milan 8.45pm

7. Villarreal – Atletico 9.00pm.

This fixture seems too familiar. We have a 0-0 or 1-nil taste in our mouth and we don’t like it. We wish there could be goals; after all, United has scored the most goals in the Premier League this season. Let’s see how it goes; but following record, Tuchel doesn’t let in goals. It really smells like a penalty decider.anything can happen in football.

This is another tough fixture we think can go either way. We don’t see a draw, Leicester are really ambitious and it suits them. Arsenal on the other hand can beat any team on their day. Arsenal has not been so good this season, but they’re really confident after their dramatic comeback in Europa. Let’s see how it goes.
Liverpool and Tottenham have been birds of a feather this season, Tottenham coming out worse. They’ve tasted what it feels like to lead the Premier League, and what it feels like to suffer in the Premier League; the latter, being their latest streak. We hope they recover. We want them to recover. We have a good feeling about today.


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