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Home Politics “Trouble Rochas Okorocha No More” – Youth groups warns

“Trouble Rochas Okorocha No More” – Youth groups warns

“Trouble Rochas Okorocha No More” – Youth groups warns

“Trouble Rochas Okorocha No More” – Youth groups warns


We have carefully followed the activities of the hopeless government in Imo State for a while from the electioneering to the days of governance. It is clear that the current leadership in the State came perhaps unprepared with an empty toolbox to fixed what was never wrong in Imo State.


We’ve noticed with dismay the witch-hunting by the Governor Hope Uzodinma led administration on the person of His Excellency, Senator Rochas Okorocha (Imo West), properties and family. This act is uncalled-for, ungodly, shameful, barbaric and indeed uncivilised.


For a leader who projects himself as a Role Model to the Imo Youths, we are shocked at the level of deprivation and degradation which recently characterized his actions in the demolition of THE REACH FM, a radio corporation in the State which has created employment for over 40 persons in Imo State. For avoidance of doubt, it constitutes a National and International disgrace when a State Chief Executive exhibits huge ignorance regarding how a leader ought to conduct himself. We were far done with politicking and campaigns, and, this is the time to focus on governance and not to instigated war amongst the citizenry.


Senator Rochas Okorocha has devoted decades of celebrated excellent service in Politics and Governance with not record of a query over financial misconduct. If you feel intimidated by his impact, wave and growth, please bury your face in shame. We will not accept any form of blackmail against the sterling legacies of Senator Rochas Okorocha whose proven abilities has been found in Human Capital and Human Capital Development.


We, Young Democratic Movement (YDM) and South South Youth Assembly wish to state categorically our stand and further warn the perpetrators of this evil to cease fire, that;


  1. Rochas Okorocha became rich before politics and built his name before becoming a Governor in Imo State (2011-2019)


  1. Rochas Okorocha is a father of over 50,000 children in Nigeria and across Africa, providing free and qualitative education through THE ROCHAS FOUNDATION. This feat Governor Hope has not gotten and will never attain.


  1. When you fight Rochas Okorocha you fight God. The prayers of the poor, less-privileged children and widows fed by Okorocha will not let you succeed or win. So resist from it.


  1. Rochas Okorocha has contested for a position of a President in this great nation (Nigeria) not by ill stolen wealth by that time, perhaps Governor Hope and his cohort were in the village searching for bread.


  1. As Nigerian Youths, South South and Niger Delta Youths, we shall not keep mute and watch a man whose pedigree is sort after on the comity of nations be budded in any manner.


Therefore, this Press Release is a warning to whoever is championing attack on the person of His Excellency, Senator Owelle Rochas Okorocha and incase you’re not aware Senator Rochas Okorocha is indebted by the political institution of this great nation not only of the Igbo extraction. Trouble him no more!


Rochas is made for Nigeria.



Ambassador Kuseme

Leader, Young Democratic Movement – YDM


Comr. Victor Thompson

Speaker, South-South Youth Assembly


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