Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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yesterday Match results

yesterday Match results

1. Bayern 4–2 Dortmund
2. Juventus 3–1 Lazio
3. Burnley 1–1 Arsenal
4. Brighton 1–2 Leicester
5. Osasuna 0–2 Barcelona
6. Brest 0–3 PSG
Derbies, derbies, derbies… we think, derbies are the heart and soul of Football from the perspective of fans. They make you love football, they break you all the same. Gosh, Lewandowski is indeed the best player in the World. He is the rightful successor of Messi and Ronaldo. Haaland thought his time has come, scored 2 early goals for Dortmund, but Lewandowski responded with his own 2 to level matters. In the end, Bayern, the destroyers, were 4 goals up and Dortmund was showed their place. Well, we predicted a 3-2 game, it turned out to be 4-2. Always an interesting derby between Bayern and Dortmund. They score goals. Lewandowski got his hat-trick, Goretska got the other goals.

Pirlo showed huge balls as he put Ronaldo on the bench. To our surprise, Juventus went from a goal down to win 3-1, credit to Morata with 2 goals and an assist. When Ronaldo was brought on, the party was over. We’re not saying this to talk down Ronaldo, we’re saying what’s good for the team and the Manager; what will also give Ronaldo the hunger to come through on the big stage we all know he thrives – the Champions League.


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